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Manx Wildlife Trust Corporate Supporter

ILS Fiduciaries is now a corporate supporter of local charity Manx Wildlife Trust.

With a focus on wildlife and habitat conservation and restoration and overall environment aspects. Independent Manx charity, Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) has been the Islands leading nature conservation charity since it was founded back in 1973.

The charity works with members and volunteers to achieve 3 main aims:

1.      Develop Nature Recovery Network across the Isle of Man to create more wildlife.

2.      Champion nature-based solutions to improve Isle of Mans environment.

3.      Connect the Manx community with nature to inspire them to help wildlife.

In 2020, ILS World proudly entered a CSR partnership with UNESCO Biosphere. We aim to help celebrate our Island to help make it a better place to live, visit and work. Where appropriate we back initiatives to support our UNESCO Biosphere.

We are looking forward to working with Manx Wildlife Trust, to continue with our support of protecting the Manx environment and wildlife.

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