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Manx Wildlife Trust Farm Day

A number of our team recently spend a day down on the farm...

As a corporate supporter of the Manx Wildlife Trust a number of our team volunteered to spend the day at Ballacosnahan Farm in Patrick, home of the largest flock of Manx Loaghtan Sheep farmed by the aptly named Jenny Shepherd. The project is seeking to revitalise the wetland on the flood plain of the River Neb and return it to a more natural state

Guided by the extremely knowledgeable David Bellamy (we learnt a lot about nature, who knew it is only female horseflies that bite you?), Lamara Craine, and Graham Makepeace-Warne from Manx Wildlife Trust our tasks were to remove a pile of old vehicle tyres buried over the years in a pile of mud to stop erosion at the junction of two ditches, and to take down a line of sheep and barbed wire fencing, which will enable the sheep to graze the land freely.

Despite picking the hottest day of the year ☀️ we had a great day and look forward to returning in the future to see how the project progresses.

Some of the team are pictured after clearing over 200 tyres.

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