Privacy Policy

Who is ILS World?

This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we collect and how we use it during your visit to our website. The ILS Group Limited is responsible for the operation of the website and is the principal data controller of information we receive through the website.

The ILS Group Limited may collect data whilst performing marketing, advertising and other support functions for all the group's operational subsidiaries. The ILS Group Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office in the Isle of Man.

'ILS World' is a trading name of The ILS Group Limited and is based in the Isle of Man.The operational subsidiaries are in Isle in Man, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and London. We also have a representative office in Portugal. Discover more at

Personal Data
Personal data is data whether used on its own or together with other information that can identity an individual. It is important personal data we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your personal data changes.

During your visit to the ILS World website we may collect data on:

  • Customers and/or their representatives , advisors or professionals
  • Information on individuals attached to suppliers, advisors, consultants and other professional experts
  • Persons making enquiries about our services or job opportunities.

What information we collect and how we use it
The data we may collect includes:

  • Identity and contact information may include some or all of the following: full name, the company you represent, telephone number, city and country you are from and your e-mail address. When you complete the website's contact page we will need to ask you for this information.
  • Other information about you and the devices you use to access our website, or we may ask third parties to do this for us. In these cases we do so by using technologies such as cookies. See our Cookie Policy.

Marketing and advertising
We will use your information for marketing purposes if we think one of our services may interest you. We will seek permission from new customers and other parties that are not customers before we send you marketing material. You can also sign up to our newsletter in our subscriber section and tick the box labelled marketing, newsletters and articles.
You can opt out of marketing communications at any time by following the instructions in the email or by contacting us at

Vacancy/position enquiry
We may also use your personal information to answer a query surrounding interest in a position being advertised where the enquiry has been received through the website.

To send services updates
We will use your information to tell you about changes to or issues affecting the services you are receiving from ILS World.

Transactional information
ILS will not process or otherwise store the payment card information whilst you use PayPal to make a payment for an ILS invoice. There will be a record of the transaction and invoice paid which automatically sends a confirmation e-mail to our accounts department. The transaction information will be removed periodically.

We can also use personal information for Legitimate Interests such as:

  • Marketing and advertising our own services There may be occasion where we feel there is a reasonable expectation for you as the customer to receive marketing material from us in regard to other similar services provided by ILS World. You can opt out of marketing communications at any time by following the instructions in the email or by contacting us at
  • To analyse the website traffic Monitoring such information to improve our services.

Who we share your personal information with
Your personal information is only shared with those businesses and organisations who need to handle it so we can provide services you've signed up to. This includes:

  • Companies within the ILS group ILS World's head office is based in the Isle of Man which is where our servers are located. We also operate elsewhere in and outside the European Economic Area, so we may access your personal information from and transfer it to these locations as well. Such transfers or access from an ILS World office is necessary in order to answer an enquiry. If an ILS World office has access to your data it will only be accessed by those who need access.
  • Suppliers that provide services to us which require access to your personal information to facilitate the services ILS World is providing to you for example other agents, lawyers, accountants, auditors, Banks and other professional firms as is necessary to fulfil and complete your instructions (or the instructions of your service provider).
  • Providers of software packages or our IT providers we utilise where we maintain some of the data to enable us to facilitate your enquiry. This can include accountants, providers of software to facilitate our marketing or website contact and our Client Relationship Manager System.

Transfers of data
Because of the International footprint of ILS World and the services we provide there may be situations where it is necessary to send data outside the EEA where for example this data is required to initiate enquiry with a company formation agent in a non EEA jurisdiction where ILS does not have a presence. In these situations we will endeavour to process the data in accordance with data protection law. This may also include putting in place an agreement between ILS World offices and/or their service provider's with the standard model clauses as approved by the European Commission.

Third party links
This website may include links to third party websites or applications. Clicking on these links may allow other parties other than ILS World to collect data about you. ILS World does not control or otherwise influence these sites and has no responsibility or liability for their policies or the data collected if you chose to visit such sites.

The rights of the individual – your rights
You have rights under data protection acts which include your right to withdraw consent. This does not impact the data processed following your consent. You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data where the legitimate interest basis has been used, for example direct marketing.

You have the right to request your personal data is erased or corrected and the right to access your data in a commonly used machine readable form which can be transferred to another controller. You also have the right to restrict the use of your personal data where for example you restrict us because of the accuracy of the data is contested. You also have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office, which regulates the processing of personal data.

Exercising your rights
If you want to exercise any of the above rights, please see the contacts section below. Although a fee for access will not be charged there may be a fee if the request is excessive, unfounded or repetitive. We can also refuse to act on such a request in such circumstances. Where such a request is received we will endeavour to provide the information within one month.

How long do we keep your data
ILS World will process personal data for as long as is necessary. If you have made an enquiry but have not committed to the relationship and the matter is closed we will only retain this data for a period of six months after your initial enquiry. At which point the information will be deleted.

Securing your personal data
ILS World is committed to protecting your personal data and has appropriate technical and organisational measures in place.

You have the right to complain if you have concerns about the processing being undertaken by ILS World. Please contact us using the contact details below. You will receive an initial response within 7 working days. You also have the right to complain to the Isle of Man Information Commissioner at

For complaints regarding EU individuals or customers of the UK office, please contact the United Kingdom Information Commissioner's office at

For complaints regarding customers of the Hong Kong office, please contact the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Changes to this privacy policy
We can update this privacy policy at any time. We won't alert you to every little change, but if there are any really important changes to the policy or how we use your information we'll let you know.

Who to contact
Please contact our Data Protection Officer at  for any questions surrounding the aspects covered in the policy or requests for personal information we hold. You can also contact an office providing services to you directly through the offices tab of our website at