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The film, television, radio and music industries can be as complicated as they are entertaining.

Crews are often paid outside of their country of residence; equipment is moved around the world and artists are often forced to consider challenging domicile arrangements and very complex personal tax plans.

ILS World has acquired boutique, specialist knowledge of the media and entertainment sector. Our dedicated team has a great deal of expertise and has been agile in embracing the new technologies that have disrupted traditional business models.

Our clients inspire, fund, create, produce and distribute a vast range of high-quality content and our assistance covers rights exploitation, development, financing, production, union issues, distribution, talent management as well as licensing and merchandising.

We partner with studios, prop suppliers, producers, sales agents, broadcasters, streamers, distributors and a wide range of media, entertainment and communication companies. For a typical client, such as a US film production company, we deal with multi-currency payments and the supply of daily detailed accounting information. Most activities are very carefully structured in order to deliver such services on a time critical basis.

The team provides the structures and administration required by creatives as well as assisting with enterprise investment schemes, completion guarantees and film production monitoring. As part of our service we work on production accounting and support for media financing, library valuations together with registration of USA copyright for films and residual calculations.

An important part of any creative enterprise is understanding how best to manage intellectual property and the effective routing of royalties that normally result. Our team has considerable experience in this field.

How ILS World can help:
• Establishment of a film company
• Setting up a bank account(s)
• Support for film and media financing
• Paying actors, crew and other expenses during international film production
• Dealing with tax payments, National Insurance contributions and union fees
• Supply daily accounting information
• Providing support while filming is in progress
• Setting up and managing licensing and worldwide distribution networks
• Assisting with Completion Guarantees as well as fulfilling all company statutory obligations for client entities
• Library valuations
• Establishing a film library in a tax efficient jurisdiction
• Enabling the ultimate owner to maximise revenues and judging the optimum point at which to sell film rights
• Pay residuals as they arise
• Manage intellectual property rights
• Provide day-to-day basis efficiencies by centralising administration in our Isle of Man office
• The team has a proven track record working with film and media sales agents as well as buying and selling scripts
• Film marketing services
• Registration of USA copyright for films.

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