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The tax efficient exploitation of intellectual property can yield startling benefits. The key to our success is experience. ILS World helps you identify a piece of intellectual property before it acquires significant value.

Whether a patent, a copyright or image right, the successful sale or assignment of intellectual property to a corporate structure, and subsequent licensing structures, allows our global network to take advantage of international double tax treaties to maximise the benefits of your creativity.

We also facilitate royalty routing, which entails the payment of licence fees or commissions by one individual or entity to another for the use of intellectual property.

This can take a number of forms, including patents that protect inventions or new processes; trademarks that relate to the of products, their design and packaging; copyright which attaches to any original creative idea; and image rights. Whatever their creative assets, ILS World assists our clients in generating income in the most tax efficient manner possible.

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Group Business Development Director
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