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Cross border trading often gives rise to substantial tax planning opportunities. Once profit has been generated it can often be remitted to a low tax destination through the use of suitable holding or tax transparent entities.

These are well regulated and adhere to the latest international information exchange agreements. With decades of experience working across borders, ILS World is the clear choice for international trading structures. One such structure is the UK Trading Platform, which ensures the efficient importation of goods into the UK and improves overseas manufacturers' profit margins.

Tax and cash efficient, with low working capital requirements and with access to a well regulated and effective banking system, UK Trading Platform clients gain a competitive edge and a powerful business development platform.

Another popular solution is to use the Entry Processing Unit, a key benefit of Isle of Man VAT registration. We help to accredit your company with Customs Freight Simplified Procedure status, allowing access to the EPU's fully automated goods declaration service. This allows direct access to the UK's CHIEF system, enabling you to file and pay for VAT and customs duties electronically.

Any UK trading company can benefit from our services. Goods do not need to physically transit the Isle of Man, and can freely travel to anywhere within the UK once cleared with Isle of Man or UK Customs. An Isle of Man company can be registered for VAT within just seven days, and can be granted a Deferment Account within two days. This exclusive access is often the most efficient way to maximise trading into the UK.

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