Portugal briefing: Advantages of doing business in Portugal

Portugal is a strategic location for foreign companies wanting to establish a presence in Europe and for individual investors looking for market advantage and a favourable business climate.

ILS World opened its Portugal office is 1999 and together with its clients finds that its position in Europe gives them easy access to other important markets. Portugal is well connected to the rest of the European Union and, as a member of the community, its standards and law is aligned to those in the EU in terms of commercial, import/export and business matters. The country also has good trade relations with the United States, Brazil and Africa.

The workforce in Portugal is highly skilled whilst costs for hiring employees are lower compared to other EU countries. There is a talented pool of young workers in fields like engineering and business.

The business environment is attractive for entrepreneurs in all business fields, and an important advantage is its openness towards foreign investors and foreign employees. Portugal enjoys a high quality of life and many investors and expats enjoy the climate.

Portugal offers generous incentives, many of them backed by EU funds, to attract foreign companies wishing to invest. Special incentives are available for large investment projects and for proposals that would impact positively on tourism, science and the environment. The country also has a well-developed transport infrastructure and ICT network.

ILS World opened its Portugal office in response to client needs. Since then, our presence in this marketplace has enabled us to meet the considerable demand for offshore wealth management and protection services. We have a great deal of expertise in establishing structures for the tax effective corporate ownership of property and for the re-structuring of offshore interest. We have considerable experience advising private clients, many of who are based in Portugal, Spain and France. The office works in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

How ILS World can help:
Name clearance and approval
Registration with Companies Registry and Tax Department
Appointment of accountants
Registration with Social Security
Fiscal representation services
Special licence applications
Bank account opening
Trademark registration
Regulatory compliance.

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