Q&A: Interview with Lilian Cheung

Lilian has led the ILS World team in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. Here she takes part in a Q&A and talks about the natural beauty of Hong Kong, clients who demand results and the career opportunities for young people in the Greater Bay Area.

1. How would you describe your role?

To lead a team of 10 people in our HK office delivering services to our clients. This role has been particularly challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic, arranging working from home, office opening, client and staff safety.

2. Who are you clients?
Most of our clients are from China, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and Israel. Most of them are entrepreneurs, businessman and the founders of start-ups. Some are professional intermediaries.

3. How do you serve and support them?
Communication is crucial - we need to understand their needs to provide the best solutions. We use telephone conversations, emails, face-to-face meeting, zoom etc to communicate.

4. What are your client's priorities?
Delivering results. We must be timely and give great service. In the past year many clients are also more concerned with costs. To find cost-effective solutions has become essential.

5. What makes ILS World unique?
Our wide range of expertise and our timely response. Our clients also appreciate our friendly approach.

6. How would you describe your colleagues and the work they do?
They are excellent. Working from home has been a challenge and we have proved we can maintain our quality services.

7. How would you assess the opportunity of the Wealth Management Connect scheme in developing the wealth management industry in the Greater Bay Area?
It will allow residents across the whole GBA to expand their investment horizons, banks and asset managers in Hong Kong that offer the eligible financial products. We hope everyone in the financial services sector will benefit from the opportunity.

8. What do you think are the key opportunities arising from the Greater Bay Area project?
• Career development opportunities for young people
• Technology collaboration - HK can utilise the advanced technology manufacturing platform in GBA
• Large population of middle class in GBA will be attracted by HK's design, lifestyle and services.

9. What are the advantages of living and working in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is a very modern city with an efficient workforce. Until recently people used to make short trips to other Asian countries to enjoy their holidays or long weekends. They now find HK is full of natural attractions with beautiful hiking routes, beaches and Islands.

10. When you are not working where is your favourite place to go in Hong Kong and why?
In the past year I have really enjoyed picnics. Due to the pandemic we haven't really been to restaurants to meet up with friends but instead invited them to go into the countryside for coffee and snacks.

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