Philanthropy involves giving to worthy causes on a large scale – it is more than just donating. It is an undertaking by an individual, family or an organisation based on a wish to improve human welfare.

It dates to the Greek philosopher Plato, who in 347 BC instructed his nephew to use the proceeds of the family farm to fund a student academy. More recently the links between entrepreneurship and philanthropy have grown stronger with many inspiring illustrations which combine the two. Hands-on, active involvement has proved to motivate and enthuse many individuals.

There are many different options to drive a philanthropic strategy forward and ILS World has found that our clients fuse together numerous combinations which include social impact investing, donating a percentage of the sale of a particular item to support a named cause as well as the establishment of trusts and foundations.

Whichever philanthropic structure is favoured the team also assists with obtaining charitable status if appropriate.

As philanthropy is driven by an individual's passion, values and concerns solutions are bespoke and the ILS World structuring team is practiced in partnering and working in collaboration with external accredited experts and acknowledged industry professionals to ensure we provide our clients with the best service.

ILS World has created a briefing note on philanthropy which can be found here. 

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