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Kristal-K Black

Kristal-K Black

Managing Director, British Virgin Islands

Kristal-K is responsible for the overall operation and performance of the British Virgin Islands office.

She develops policies and procedures for systems and internal controls to ensure the sound running and compliance of the company. She oversees regular internal and external reviews and provides guidance on the interpretation and application of laws, rulings and directives. Kristal-K leads a highly skilled team and provides additional coaching and technical support.

She has a great deal of experience in the TCSP sector and provides a high level of service in a complex regulatory environment. Kristal-K works closely with the other offices in the ILS World network and supports the Board of Directors operationally and strategically.

She has a degree in Business Administration, undertakes continuous study with The Chartered Governance Institute and is currently working towards a BA in Management at Walden University.

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