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Angela Wilby

Angela Wilby

Client Portfolio Manager, Isle of Man

Angela, who is based in the Isle of Man, is a senior point of contact for ILS World's media and entertainment clients.

Our clients inspire, fund, create, produce and distribute a vast range of high-quality content and Angela's assistance covers rights exploitation, development, financing, production, union issues, distribution, talent management as well as licensing and merchandising.

The film, television, radio and music industries can be as complicated as they are entertaining and Angela works closely with clients and their network of advisors to provide guidance on technical issues and bespoke solutions.

She has more than 22 years' experience working in company and trust administration and has a particular knowledge of managing film libraries, routing of royalties, worldwide film distribution, production, multi-currency payments, the supply of daily detailed accounting information as well as processing cast and crew payments.

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30 Years of trading
13 Languages spoken
6 Offices globally