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British Virgin Islands

ILS World opened its doors in Tortola in 1994. The BVI has an established international business offer and we provide a timely and efficient service, drawing upon locally cultivated knowledge.


From our Shanghai office, ILS World provides commercial and private clients access to the right global network to meet their ambitions.


The ILS World independent network expanded into the Middle East's vibrant economic and cultural centre in 2005. Since then, we have combined Dubai's excellent reputation as a business friendly and well regulated economy with our significant experience in the jurisdiction to deliver peerless fiduciary, regional incorporation and corporate administration services to clients operating in this exciting marketplace.

Hong Kong

With its stable legal, political and regulatory environment and progressive approach to business Hong Kong is a preferred platform for those seeking a gateway into China.

Isle of Man

Secure, efficient and business friendly, ILS World's approach is defined by our home jurisdiction, the Isle of Man.


Our London office is the hub of ILS World’s administrative function for our UK client companies and an excellent location from which to liaise with a global client portfolio.


Our expansion into Portugal in 1999 was in response to the needs of our clients. Since then, ILS World’s presence in this exciting marketplace has enabled us to better meet the considerable demand for offshore wealth management and protection services.


ILS World opened its doors in Geneva in 2005 and offers a full range of corporate and fiduciary services. With expertise in international holding and trading structures and the ability to manage those structures from within one of the world’s most respected and stable jurisdictions, the business has grown organically and rapidly.


We draw upon Uruguay’s reputation as a strong economy with a stable fiscal and political environment and robust regulatory practices to offer clients wishing to invest in and manage wealth within South America the perfect regional platform.


BVI Set to Implement Financial Reforms

The British Virgin Islands is by far the most popular jurisdiction in the world for international business companies, but as the landscape for financial services changes, the BVI has had to adapt its strategy.

The British Virgin Islands is by far the most popular jurisdiction in the world for international business companies, but as the landscape for financial services changes, the BVI has had to adapt its strategy.

For many years the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has been the offshore jurisdiction of choice and indeed still has more active companies than any other. The popularity of the BVI Business Company came about for many reasons; they were quick and simple to incorporate, they were relatively cost effective and the regulatory regime was light touch.

However, times are changing in the global arena and the BVI has had to adapt its strategy. The first two points above still stand, but the third is an area in which they have had to change, as the landscape for financial services starts to look very different across the world. There is a push for greater transparency with various initiatives from the OECD, through US and UK FATCA, automatic exchange of information and eventually the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). There might be some short term pain for the jurisdiction, but ultimately they would end up losing more business if they failed to comply.

So what are the changes? There will be a requirement to collect details of the beneficial ownership of companies which will be held in the territory but will not be publicly available.

The decision to implement financial reforms in the BVI looks to be a pragmatic one. As we move ever further into the 21st Century the jurisdiction will place itself on a level playing field with the rest of the offshore world and will undoubtedly continue to be an attractive jurisdiction in which to incorporate.

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