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ILS World celebrates anniversary

ILS World is excited and proud to be celebrating 15 years of providing professional services to advisers, international corporate groups and private clients in Dubai.
6th January, 2020

Group chief executive, Chris Eaton said: "We opened our first office in the World Trade Centre in 2005 because we needed to develop a physical presence in Dubai as we were advising a number of clients from the region and wanted to provide a more local and personal service. There was and still is a lot of expatriate and non-residents living and working in the Middle East and there is a sophisticated professional services infrastructure we were enthusiastic to operate in."

Since ILS World was formed in 1991 it has grown and developed into a global provider of independent fiduciary services with offices also in the British Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, London, Hong Kong and Portugal managing more than 5000 structures with assets in excess of $250 billion.

Mr Eaton added: "The UAE offer is complex and I am proud the team has worked hard to ensure we are licensed by Ras Al Khaimah and the Jebel Ali Free Zone authorities as well as having a local operating licence. The region is a transport, manufacturing and distribution hub for the Middle East and North Africa and Nadine Daoud, who has managed our Dubai office for more than eight years, speaks Arabic, English and French assisting many businesses and private clients to take advantage of the many opportunities on offer."

This latest anniversary comes in the wake of celebrations last year when ILS World commemorated 25 years' operating in London and the BVI as well as 20 years in Portugal.

Mr Eaton said: "All of our staff work hard to create long-term relationships. Our ongoing success wouldn't be possible without our clients. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for continuing to believe in our services and people and for helping us endure and thrive throughout the years. We are only able to celebrate these milestone occasions because of them."

For more information please read about the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority or Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre.