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Succession and estate planning

ILS World clients look ahead with confidence. We understand the complexities of private wealth preservation and our answer is always simple.

Our succession and estate planning services are comprehensive, consistant, confidential and are founded on our experience in identifying the myriad issues our private clients might face by cultivating fiduciary relationships that last for generations.

Wherever you and your family are in the world our network provides access to the leading financial jurisdictions. Whether you aspire to bestow a family business or accumulated family wealth our specialist team takes care to ensure the smooth and cost efficient transition of your most important assets.

We do so by working closely with our clients and their benefactors well in advance of the planned succession, clarifying your wealth objectives, communicating your intentions and choosing the most appropriate and cost efficient vehicles and structures to transfer wealth.

Our services include business succession planning; full fiduciary services; will planning and advice; asset protection; inheritance strategy; benefactor communications; legal and fiduciary guidance; tax planning and charitable giving facilities.

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David Ashton
David Ashton
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