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Private trust companies

Sophisticated wealth planning scenarios require positive, independent solutions. Private trust companies are the perfect vehicle to secure and protect family wealth and are often used in connection with trusts holding significant family assets.

A private trust company's sole purpose is to act as trustee to the trust or group of trusts. They allow the family to retain agency in the decision making process and permit family members and advisors to take an active role in the management of trust affairs.

Moreover, a private trust company provides the utmost confidentiality throughout the decision making process, allowing for peace of mind in the preservation of family assets.

With the support and expertise of ILS World, private trust companies can also offer significant estate planning advantages and provide our clients with privacy and protection, as well as reduced costs. Our independent status allows us to choose the right jurisdiction to suit your ambitions and the right people to secure your financial future.

Head of Private Clients

Gemma Davies
Gemma Davies
Head of Private Clients Isle of Man
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