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Family office

ILS World gives our distinguished portfolio of family office clients a central resource from which their most valuable private and commercial assets can be coordinated.

As an independent, privately owned company we are ideally placed to work in conjunction with other professional advisers and our worldwide reach allows us to cater for multijurisdictional wishes.

ILS World delivers a high level of support to secure your family's legacy. Our services are bespoke and as the complexity of a family's circumstances increase we will ensure you receive the most appropriate, up-to-date notices and services.

Our family office services provide centralised control over complex wealth arrangements, consistency across multiple jurisdictions, full fiduciary oversight, tax efficient financial services, comprehensive asset holding and protection, clear inter-generational and beneficiary communications, centralised risk profiling, well-regulated and robust corporate vehicles, increased control over wealth management matters together with discretion.

Gemma and the team look forward to being able to help you.

Gemma Davies
Gemma Davies
Head of Private Clients Isle of Man
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