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Generations of clients trust ILS World to protect their financial future. ILS World is not simply one of the world's leading international fiduciaries, we are amongst the longest established. It is our independence that counts.

We offer our distinguished portfolio of family office clients a central resource from which to coordinate their most valuable assets, both private and commercial, on their terms.

Our family office services are straightforward and practical, no matter how complex your ambitions. We work closely with our clients and their families, developing lasting relationships to maximise the efficiency of the transference of assets, minimise wealth dissipation and mitigate the risk of future familial disputes. We apply this broad expertise over a global network, providing services which are consistent wherever you are in the world.

Our reach allows us to choose the best jurisdiction and asset protection products, and ensure the most effective alignment of our family office team, our clients and their advisors. Our family office services provide centralised control over complex wealth arrangements; consistency across multiple jurisdictions; full fiduciary oversight; tax efficient financial services; comprehensive asset holding and protection; clear intergenerational and benefactor communications; centralised risk profiling; well regulated and robust corporate vehicles; increased control over wealth management matters; expert legal and fiduciary guidance and absolute independence.

ILS World's family office services ensure absolute privacy and client agency in all matters of wealth protection and transfer.

We guarantee a quick decision making process, simple and effective communication in even the most sensitive and complex matters, and unconditional independence when choosing the most appropriate wealth management vehicles.

You can be assured of a unique level of comfort when securing your family's legacy.

Head of Private Clients

Gemma Davies
Gemma Davies
Head of Private Clients Isle of Man
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