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Media and entertainment

The film, theatre and music industries can be as complicated as they are entertaining. Their international nature can present inherent challenges to the proper structuring of taxation.

Working crews are often paid outside of the UK, equipment is moved all over the world, artists are often forced to consider complex domicile arrangements and project financing can have significant tax implications.

ILS World has a specialist international media and entertainment division to simplify our clients' operations in the most tax efficient way possible.

You will receive our support at every level and stage of the project. From full maintenance of statutory corporate records to daily management and payments handling, our network ensures the careful structuring and delivery of every service in a time-sensitive, cost-effective manner.

Our media and entertainment team understands the importance of intellectual property. We have significant experience in effectively routing royalties with proven, tax efficient solutions. 

Client Portfolio Manager

Angela Wilby
Angela Wilby
Client Portfolio Manager Isle of Man
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