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To maximise their potential our eBusiness clients often require an international strategy and as a business with offices in a number of key jurisdictions we are well placed to provide a comprehensive service.

Innovation is the key characteristic of the digital sector and our team has embraced the changes that have and continue to take place as the sector evolves with new and more complex business models.

ILS World relishes the opportunities new technologies bring and has welcomed the impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on businesses and commerce. Since our sponsorship of the first Crypto Valley Summit on the Isle of Man in 2014, ILS World is now the leading fiduciary service provider in this sector.

Our eGaming and Digital team has worked with many well-known business names assisting them with eGaming licence applications and the integration of cryptocurrencies within their business model. We have also assisted with other concerns in the sector such as crypto exchanges, software developers and eGaming entities, providing services allowing companies to be structured efficiently within a regulated environment.

ILS World benefits from an international media and entertainment team - it has a great deal of experience providing the structure and administration required by creatives. The film, theatre and music industries have multifaceted financing in place, derived from various global locations, making tax arrangements complicated and artists are often forced to consider challenging domicile arrangements.

All our committed and qualified specialists provide practical and prudent assistance with a range of services, from traditional eBusiness to the cutting edge of digital applications and we enjoy excellent relationships with public and regulatory bodies in all the key jurisdictions.

Our network includes offices in:
• British Virgin Islands
• Hong Kong
• Isle of Man
• London
• Portugal.

Richard and the team look forward to being able to help you.

Richard MacNee
Richard MacNee
Group Business Development Director Isle of Man
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