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The ILS World network of offices is ideally positioned to engage in global activity allowing our eBusiness clients to maximise their potential in and from any jurisdiction.

Innovation is the key characteristic of the digital sector and our team has embraced the changes that have and continue to take place.

ILS relish the opportunities new technologies bring and has welcomed the impact of crypto currencies and blockchain on businesses and commerce. Since our sponsorship of the first Crypto Valley Summit on the Isle of Man in 2014 ILS is now the leading corporate service provider in this sector.

Our eGaming and Digital team has worked with many well-known business names assisting them with coin or token sales. We have also worked with other businesses in the sector such as crypto exchanges, software developers and eGaming entities providing services that allow their businesses to be structured efficiently.

Our expert advisors provide practical, prudent advice and assistance in a range of services, from traditional eBusiness to the cutting edge of digital applications, and enjoy excellent relationships with public and regulatory bodies in key eCommerce jurisdictions.

Group Business Development Director

Richard MacNee
Richard MacNee
Group Business Development Director Isle of Man
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