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Protecting passion assets

Chairman of ILS World, Chris Eaton will be joining an international panel to discuss the trends and challenges of safeguarding luxury assets for future generations.
WHERE Webinar

Alternative investments have boomed in recent years and have added an extra, personal dimension to portfolios.

This webinar will be launched through Zoom and start at 10am GMT on November 23. It will highlight some of complexities of owning specialist assets and consider some of the legal and structuring issues surrounding their protection.

Chris will be joining an international Private Client Dining Club panel which will include Sunita Singh-Dalal, Counsel at Stephenson Harwood LLP based in Dubai;  diamond and fine jewellery expert, Henry Pruwer; Singapore-based Nicolas Laurent, who advises on the purchase and collection of wine; Peter Wallman who is a classic car and boat specialist and David Bell, the founder of the PCD Club.

Chris has advised on wealth management, asset protection and succession planning for many years with numerous clients investing in collectibles and passion assets.

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