Welcome to ILS World

Isle of Man

Secure, efficient and business friendly, ILS World's approach is defined by our home jurisdiction, the Isle of Man.

British Virgin Islands

ILS World opened its doors in Road Town, Tortola in 1994. From this central location in the British Virgin Islands we provide a timely and efficient service, drawing upon locally cultivated knowledge and applying it within an independent, global network.


From our Shanghai office, ILS World provides commercial and private clients access to the right global network to meet their ambitions.


The ILS World independent network expanded into the Middle East's vibrant economic and cultural centre in 2005. Since then, we have combined Dubai's excellent reputation as a business friendly and well regulated economy with our significant experience in the jurisdiction to deliver peerless fiduciary, regional incorporation and corporate administration services to clients operating in this exciting marketplace.

Hong Kong

ILS World combines a straightforward and efficient service with Hong Kong's business friendly environment to offer our private and commercial clients confidence and peace of mind in a dynamic marketplace.


Our London office is ideally situated to serve a large local client base. It is the hub of ILS World’s administrative function for our UK client companies and an excellent location from which to liaise with a global client portfolio.


Our expansion into Portugal in 1999 was in response to the needs of our clients. We’re here because you need us to be. Since then, ILS World’s presence in this exciting marketplace has enabled us to better meet considerable demand for offshore wealth management and protection services and do so with the care and pragmatism expected of all ILS World locations.


ILS World opened its doors in Geneva in 2005 and offers a full range of corporate and fiduciary services. With expertise in international holding and trading structures and the ability to manage those structures from within one of the world’s most respected and stable jurisdictions, the business has grown organically and rapidly.


We draw upon Uruguay’s reputation as a strong economy with a stable fiscal and political environment and robust regulatory practices to offer clients wishing to invest in and manage wealth within South America the perfect regional platform.



  • Top 10 things to consider when incorporating a company
    The financial world is changing rapidly so choosing where you base your business is an important decision and can no longer be based on simply where you pay the least amount of tax.
  • Ten Things you need to know about WFOEs
    In the last five years, Wholly Foreign-Owned Entities (WFOEs) have become the legal entity of preference for foreign investors setting up businesses in China, regardless of whether such an enterprise will derive revenue or not.
  • The view from Shanghai: What does China make of Brexit?
    Amidst the fallout of the United Kingdoms' referendum vote to leave the European Union, the immediate reaction in China was undeniably one of general pessimism.
  • Cryptocurrencies: An Update
    The uncertainty that fresh regulation brings has been replaced by the knowledge that the Isle of Man remains at the cutting edge of crypto regulation by allowing crypto companies to operate under the gold standard regulation that the Isle of Man crest provides.
  • Brexit - In or Out?
    It's a subject that's likely to dominate the media until the vote has taken place (and more than likely for some time after that).
  • Is IOM eGaming dead?
    No. A direct answer, but those who know me will know I am a fairly direct person.
  • European Trading Platform
    Whilst China has been the manufacturing power house of the world for over two decades, there have been few brands that have taken the opportunity to build a network of overseas offices and markets. This is particularly the case as far as the European Union is concerned.
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