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The film, television, radio and music industries can be as complicated as they are entertaining. Their international nature can present inherent challenges when tax planning.
12th March, 2018

Working crews are often paid outside of their country of residence, equipment is moved all over the world, and artists are often forced to consider challenging domicile arrangements and very complex personal tax plans. These industries also have multifaceted financing in place, derived from various global locations, making tax arrangements complicated.

ILS World's specialist international media and entertainment division has a great deal of experience working in this fast paced sector. It provides the structure and administration required by creatives as well as advising on worldwide film distribution, international film production and processing cast and crew payments.

The team assists with enterprise investment schemes, completion guarantees and film production monitoring. As part of our service we work on production accounting and support for media financing, library valuations, registration of USA copyright for films and residual calculations.

For a typical client, such as a US film production company, we deal with multi-currency payments and the supply of detailed accounting information on a daily basis. Most activities are very carefully structured in order to deliver such services on a time critical basis.

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Client portfolio manager

Angela Wilby
Angela Wilby
Client Portfolio Manager Isle of Man