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Mauritius: substantial reform

A significant overhaul of the financial services sector in Mauritius aims to increase transparency and update tax policies.
10th October, 2018

The Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 is the blueprint for a major restructure in the jurisdiction covering corporate tax, personal tax, VAT, tax administration and regulatory changes.

The key changes include:

  • The Category 1 Global Business Licence company (GBC1) will become the Global Business Licence company (GBL) from either July 1 2021, if their licence was issued on or before October 16 2017, and January 1 2019, if issued after.
  • Category 2 Global Business Licence companies (GBC2) are being abolished and replaced by a new Authorised Company regime.

These reforms, which have some important dates approaching, are an opportunity for businesses with GBC1 and GBC2 companies within their corporate structures to undertake a review and determine if restructuring action needs to be taken.

Key elements to these changes include:

  • The 80 per cent foreign tax credit the GBC1 received on its foreign income will be abolished on January 2 1019
  • The new GBL will receive an exemption of 80 per cent in respect of its investment income but not its trading income
  • The GBL will have to meet the Mauritian substance requirements (having Mauritian directors, accounts, premises etc) and these are expected to be tightened
  • GBC1s and GBC2s with licences granted on or before October 16 2017 are grandfathered until June 30 2021 and those with licenses after, until December 31 2018
  • An Authorised Company will not be able to access Mauritius' double taxation agreement network as it will be considered non-resident in Mauritius but it will need to make a return of income to the Mauritius Revenue Authority within six months of its year end.

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