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Living and working in the Isle of Man

Would you like to live in a place that is beautiful, inspiring and safe? The Isle of Man has a history of attracting families with its straight forward visa regime, a high standard of living, low crime rates, open spaces and its own, unique heritage and culture.
28th April, 2021

We would like to introduce you to the Isle of Man through our brochure about living and working in this self-governing British Crown Dependency. Click here to read it.

For many years the Isle of Man has welcomed individuals and their families from all over the world.

A survey of expats in 2019 by HSBC ranked the Isle of Man as the best place to live in the British Isles and the 12th best in the world. The 2019 police chief's annual report revealed the Island had the lowest number of recorded crimes in the British Isles.

As well as being a very safe place to live it has a stunning, natural environment. At 33 miles long and 13 miles wide it lies in the Irish Sea - between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It covers 227 square miles, has 95 miles of coastline and 32 beaches.

The Isle of Man's parliament, Tynwald, is of Norse origin and more than a 1000-years-old, making it the oldest continuous assembly in the world. The Island is a self-governing British Crown dependency with the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, holding the title, Lord of Mann.

High standards of education and health care combined with very high standards of living, fascinating heritage and culture, an excellent infrastructure create an enviable lifestyle. The Island's 85,000 residents enjoy a great work life balance and with minimal commute times there is more time for people to do what they enjoy.

The Isle of Man is entirely self-funded with no national debt, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no corporate tax, low rates of personal income tax and a tax cap of £200,000.

Key information for those looking to relocate:
• Superb quality of life
• Well connected
• Low crime rate
• Rated best place to live in British Isles in an HSBC Expat survey 2019
• Low tax rates
• Exceptional business environment
• Financial assistance for relocating businesses.

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To discuss any aspect of relocation and Isle of Man visas please contact Richard MacNee at richard.macnee@ils-world.com or find out more about Immigration.

Group Business Development Director

Richard MacNee
Richard MacNee
Group Business Development Director Isle of Man