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Adrienne Condouret

Adrienne Condouret

Legal and Corporate Service Manager, Switzerland

Adrienne is the compliance manager at ILS Geneva. She is responsible for designing systems, controls and training to help staff assess the take-on of new clients and monitor existing client relationships to ensure best practices are being followed.

She joined the ILS Geneva office in 2009 as a corporate administrator.

Adrienne has a Bachelor of Business Degree in marketing and international business, is a US attorney and mediator and is fluent in French and Spanish. She has completed the International Compliance Association (ICA) Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance.

She has extensive experience in retail business and manufacturing, bringing a hands-on understanding of a client's pressing desire for realistic solutions and fast turn-around, without compromising the need to receive accurate information and informed decision making.

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28 Years of trading
14 Languages spoken
7 Offices globally