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Help to keep EU citizens in the UK post Brexit

The UK Government has said the registration process for EU citizens wanting to stay in the UK after Brexit will take a matter of days.
21st June, 2018

Unveiling details of the "settlement scheme" for EU citizens, the Home Office has promised the application process would be "short, simple and user friendly" with a default position of accepting rather than rejecting applications.

Applicants will be asked to prove their identity, that they have no convictions and that they currently live in the UK.

The answers will then be compared to a database with the aim of giving the quickest answer possible.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: "With the scheme, we're meeting our commitment to secure the rights of EU citizens who are already in this country, contributing in so many ways. We want them to stay and we want to make that process of staying as easy as possible."

The scheme will open on a phased basis later this year and applications can be made online or smart phones, according to a 57-page "statement of intent" document published by the Home Office. 

A full story was published in The Guardian. Click here to read it.